2023 Chapter Scholarship Recipients

Considering the quality and quantity of applications, the Chapter increased this year’s scholarship budget to $7,000 (we typically distribute up to $6,500 each year in up to six scholarships categories).  The Mid-Atlantic Chapter received four (4) applications for the 2023 Scholarship Program. There were two (2) Category IA applicants and one (1) applicant each for Category II and III.

The highest scorer Lily Landis received the $2,000 George L. Winfield Memorial Scholarship Award. As a category 1A winner, Lily plan to major in General Studies at Cecil College, Maryland. She is sponsored by her father Jeffery Landis who is a Chapter member and works for MES, as Senior Engineer.

Luke Gutberlet received an award amount of $2,000; a Category 1A winner, who plans to major in Mechanical Engineering at Drexel University. He is sponsored by his father Mark Gutberlet who is a Chapter Director and works for EA Engineering, as Vice President.

Amanda Siciliano received an award amount of $2,000; a student member with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology, a Ph. D. candidate pursuing a degree in Materials Science and Engineering at University of MD.

Matthew Romero received an award amount of $1,000; is enrolled in a degree in Engineering at Randolph-Macon College. He is sponsored by his mother Meg Romero who is a Chapter member and works as Recycling & Litter Control Superintendent for Charles County Government.

All sponsors are active members and in good standing. The Chapter forwarded Amanda Siciliano (Category III) and Matthew Romero (Category II) applications for review and consideration by SWANA National HQ before June 1, 2023, for a chance of an additional scholarship.

The Chapter Invited the winner(s) to attend the June 12, MRN, afternoon lunch and award presentation.

Congratulations to Luke, Lily, Amanda, and Mathew! The Chapter’s Summer newsletter will feature the scholarship winner(s) on the front page.

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