Scholarship Information 2021

The SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter is a believer in supporting the higher education goals of today’s youth. The Chapter offers college scholarships to eligible students working toward undergraduate or graduate college degrees. In addition, the Chapter will submit the application of the most-qualified, eligible candidate for the Grant H. Flint Scholarship Awards Program administered by SWANA International.

Deadline to apply for the scholarships is May 1, 2021.

The Scholarship Eligibility Criteria, Instructions and Application forms may be downloaded at the links copied below:

NEW – Instructions for Part-time Students and Full-time Employees

Full-time Employees & Part-time Students Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Use Category II Form – Mark “II B” on the Application (PDF / Word)
  • Use Category III Form – Mark “III B” on the Application (PDF / Word)

The Chapter is currently looking for an organization to sponsor the highest scoring candidate. The sponsor could be any organization and can suggest a name to be given to the award. The Chapter will accept an annual sponsorship of either $500, $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000.

For additional information on the Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Scholarship Program, or if you have problems downloading any of the documents, please contact Mehal Trivedi at (301) 600-3043 or

2020 Chapter Scholarship Recipient

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter received four applications for the 2020 Scholarship Program. Stephanie Lynn Lowery received the highest score and the Chapter awarded the highest amount of the $2,000 George L. Winfield Memorial Scholarship Award. As a Category 3B winner, Stephanie plans to major in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins University.

Category 1 winners are as follows:

Brian Thomas Michelsen an award amount of $1,500;
Nicole Elizabeth Sprague an award of $1,250; and
Jack Ryan Roddy an award of $750.

As a Category 1 winner, Brian plans to major in Environmental Science Economy and Development and Sustainability (EEDS) at Ohio State University.

The Chapter voted to forward Stephanie’s Category 3 and Brian’s Category 1 applications to the SWANA National Headquarters for a chance of additional scholarships.

Congratulations to Stephanie, Brian, Nicole and Jack!

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