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Solid Waste Operator of the Year

The Chapter recognizes the Operator of the Year at our Annual Meeting in September.  The award includes a $100 cash prize, a commemorative plaque and year-long rights to a trophy.   The trophy, not unlike the Stanley Cup in Professional Hockey, will be passed from winner to winner.  Each year the winners name will be added to the base of the trophy so that past winners will be remembered. 

Click here for Criteria for the award. 

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Solid Waste Operator of the Year - 2008

The recipient of the 2008 SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Operator of the Year award is Wayne Souder, Superintendent of the Alpha Ridge Landfill in Howard County, Maryland. Wayne was Landfill Systems Supervisor from October 30, 2000 until October 2, 2006 when he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent. On March 5, 2007 he was promoted to Landfill Superintendent. Wayne has been MOLO certified since 1999. Wayne is committed to and continues the tradition of excellent regulatory compliance at the Alpha Ridge Landfill.

Wayne conducts tours of the Alpha Ridge Landfill for school groups, scouts, and other groups. He supports the Master Gardeners of Howard County in their efforts to promote composting and improved gardening methods. He has also been involved with the Sons of the American Legion and Special Olympics.





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