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SWANA Safety Matters

SWANA has a new national safety page.

The SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter has appointed Scott Messier, Project Manager at SCS Engineers, as the safety ambassador to serve as a leader in the Chapter to reduce accidents and injuries and to increase awareness. Scott can be reached by email at: SMessier@scsengineers.com.

SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Webinar Program

SWANA hosts webinars on various industry-related and membership subjects as part of its core value to promote education. A typical webinar has a speaker present a PowerPoint slideshow for 45 minutes, which is then followed by up to 30 minutes of Q & A from the audience.

Presentation During 3-12-15 Chapter Board Meeting:

MES Presentation - Stormwater Compliance at Solid Waste Facilities in Maryland (PDF)

Presentation During 1-16-14 Chapter Board Meeting:

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. and ARM Group, Inc. Roundtable Discussion - Maryland 12-SW General Permit for Discharges from Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities 1-16-14 (PDF)

Follow-up to Roundtable Discussion - Questions and Responses (PDF)


Presentations During 11-21-13 Chapter Board Meeting:

MDE - Maryland Draft Composting Regulations 11-21-13 (PDF)

Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance: An Integrated Approach to E&S Control & Sustainable Stormwater Management 11-21-13 (PDF)


Presentation During 11-15-12 Chapter Board Meeting:

MDE Presentation - Storm Overview: 12-SW General Permit (PPT format)

MDE Presentation - Storm Overview: 12-SW General Permit (PDF format)

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To Request an "On-Site" Training Session of ARGUS,  please contact Jonathan Pecha,  NE Sales Manager& SWANA Member.





The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists® has a specialty certification board for environmental engineers and environmental scientists and is dedicated to improving the quality of practice of environmental engineering and environmental science. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, AAEES offers Board Certification of environmental engineers (BCEE and BCEEM) and Board Certification of environmental scientists (BCES) from around the world.

Environmental engineers are Board Certified in the following eight specialties:

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • General Environmental Engineering
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Radiation Protection
  • Water Supply/Wastewater Engineering

The Academy Board, as of 2013, also certifies environmental scientists, presently in nine specialties:

  • Air Resources
  • Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Groundwater and the Subsurface Environment
  • Surface Water Resources
  • Sustainability Science

The Academy's Board Certification program, accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards, has existed since 1955. A professional engineering license is a prerequisite for BCEE (Board Certified Environmental Engineer) certification along with at least eight years of experience, and a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering or related engineering degree from an accredited engineering program. The BCEEM (Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member) does not require licensure, but does require at least twenty years of experience, including ten years in leadership. The Academy also provides leadership in the accreditation of environmental engineering curricula, and the dissemination of technical and professional information to the public and the profession. SWANA, along with eleven other professional groups, is a supporting organization of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. Contact either Robert B. Gardner, P.E., BCEE, SWANA Trustee to the AAEES Board of Trustees, at rgardner@scsengineers.com for additional information; or a Mid-Atlantic Chapter member, Stephen G. Lippy, P.E., BCEE, S.C. at s.lippy@verizon.net, who was the SWANA Trustee on the AAEES BOT from 2007-2012.


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